Henry Shih is experienced in criminal and traffic defense and has defended thousands of clients and taken hundreds of cases to trial.

About Me

As an Assistant Public Defender in Montgomery County, I have represented people charged with everything from the simples traffic cases to domestic assault and sex offenses.

Assault on Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest

Many of my clients were charged with assaulting police officers and resisting arrest. In more than one case, I was able to prove to the judge that the police were the ones breaking the laws by illegally arresting my client, and my clients were acquitted without me having to call a single witness. In other cases, I was able to convince the prosecutor to give up on the case without having to go to trial at all. 

Drug Charges

I have successfully defended drug cases in a variety of ways. Sometimes, I was able to show that evidence was obtained by illegal search and seizure, forcing the judge to exclude physical evidence and find my client not guilty. In other cases, I was able to show that the drugs were not in my client's possession, again resulting in verdicts of not guilty. I have also challenged the state crime lab's expert witnesses to cast doubt on the results of their analysis.


Check Fraud

In one memorable case, my client was charged with defrauding two different banks by writing checks between two accounts and withdrawing cash during the "float." Despite the presence of intimidating bank records, I was able to cut through the noise and show the that the State's evidence didn't really prove my client guilty. The judge acquitted my client without even hearing any evidence from the defense.


Another time, my client was charged with deliberately and repeatedly writing bad checks. I was able to use the rules of evidence in my client's favor, keeping both the checks and the video of the alleged incident out of evidence. The prosecutor had no choice but to drop all charges in the middle of trial. 


I have represented hundreds of clients charged with DUI and DWI. In many cases, my client was not actually impaired (even though the police said they were), and my clients were found not guilty after a trial. In one case, I showed the judge that the police officer treated the client so rudely and unfairly that none of the standardized field sobriety tests could be trusted. That client was found not guilty of all drinking and driving charges. 


Example Cases